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Hello! My name is Reanchi! And, well other intro style stuff. 

I am 30, married, and have a 7 year old daughter. DD recommended Oasis
to me when I asked if he knew any decent servers, because I want to see if she would be interested
in playing Minecraft, and I knew him and his son play online. It's going to be a similar situation here
shared account between me and my daughter (if she decides she likes it, she's quite picky) basically in the
understanding if one of us mucks it up, it ruins it for both of us, but I'll make sure that doesn't happen  Wink

Hobbies include drinking copious amounts of coffee, listening to audiobooks, writing adventures for Dungeons and Dragons
and pretty much any video game that catches my fancy. Currently I am simultaneously playing Spider Man, Witcher III, and
MGS V: The Phantom Pain. I am generally a stay at home father, but have a part time job working for the school district
as a Bus Monitor.

My Minecraft focused hobbies generally revolve around raising animals and some crop planting, generally sugar. But I also
mine, craft, and am fluent in building square houses made of wood, sometimes 2 stories tall! 

So far, and to be honest I only have given things a basic look, but you guys seem pretty good when it comes to running a tight ship
I don't foresee any problems if my daughter wants to join and play here as well.

WELCOME! Nice to meet you! Hope to see you on the server! Smile Enjoy!
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Welcome Reanchi!!
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

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If you ever need anything feel free to give any of us a shout! We have several parents play with their kids! Great idea, If she uses your account or her own. Rank up to Settler and take her into creative so she can build with any of the blocks!
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