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iG17'S second appeal
Your Minecraft name = iG17
Date of your ban = 10/28/2018
Who Banned you = Staff
What is the reason for your ban = Grief/Steal/Cheating/etc.
Do you take full responsibility for your ban = Sure
Why should we unban you = Theres no reason why you should unban me. I behaved badly and messed up alot. Im sorry to any staff or any memeber i inflicted. I think my ban is deserverd. After thinking a while (think 2-3 weeks) i come to the conclusion that it wont help me crying like a lil baby on the forums. I know im bad and an asshole. Aswell as i break rules. This is more a sorry to any Staff and any Member on the server for not behaving better. I hope other people that behaived better then me keep on enjoy this nice and good server. Had some great time here. Tough it only being 1 Month i believe. With this, im out.
Hello IG17,
As you are already aware your raiding/stealing problems are not wanted on this server and we could easily just refuse this appeal on the grounds of all the problems you've caused. You have proven on more than one occasion that your destructive tendencies out weigh the good. But we also know that people can change and that they learn from their mistakes (sometimes). We as staff want to believe you truly mean all that you say in this appeal but too often players simply tell us a pretty little paragraph about change and remorse then once back on the server they go back to their rotten ways of playing.
So with that being said I'm extremely hesitant about what I'm about to say next. But we as staff have agreed to allow you to return If you promise us that all this will stop. No more cheating events or games, no stealing/raiding at anytime and no more rule breaks not even a tiny ones. Show us that we can unban you and not have to worry about these kinds of issues in the future. By making us a promise to back up what you say above and earn this appeal. We will be waiting for the reply. Thanks have a great day.
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....
Well, i can try, if not and i will get banned again i wont return or appeal at all. And i stay by my word. At someday, maybe in 4 years maybe sooner i will break a rule, may it be by accident or not specified. But till then i can be a good player. I know this text may seem bad. And it really is, im not a guy of big sentences and asseys. But i hope u guys know which point im trying to get across. As i know most of the staff (just over the server  and not irl) i 50% am sure, that atleast 2 staff disagree to let me back. (No offense) I am hated by players on the server, i am hated my staff, i know. And i also know i wont be able to change theire mindsets. There will be aslways people against a certain thing, otherwise we already would have exstinged. As u read before that this was my second and last appeal. Its your choice rather to let me back or not, i dont thiink i add anything to the server except annoyance. In that, its staff choice, may it made by one or all or a part. I know u guys do your duty, and this is what this reply is implying. Your duty is to choose who to let on the server or not. So have a vote or not.
You will be unbanned within the next 24-48 hours. Welcome back.
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....

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