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Hey It is Itzskie

I am some what new to this server I have been playing on this server for 5-6 months I think now I have no clue. I found out about this server when me and my friend go introduced to it by another friend since the other server we went on was kinda dying barley anyone got on so we wanted to find another we can play on and I am so happy we found this one I made a really good friend on this server ZCreeperMaster and hopefully I can make more friends with you guys! I dont have very many hobbies but I do like writting stories and singing (even though I suck at it.) A thing I like to do in Mc is going on servers meeting new people and making friends its really fun when you are apart of a community. I think the oasis is really fun and its nice that there are still people playing aswell they have really great staff very nice and the community also nice that people are helping each other you dont see that alot in these day and age only some few. Yeah thats my little introduction feel free to talk to me either here  or  on the server if its  a dm or mail ill try to respond and side note sorry if I am boring you this is probably like and essay or something I would be surprise if you are still here anyway jokes aside hope i see you on bye now -Skie (Ps sorry for bad grammar)
Hey Skie!

Nice introduction!
In Game Name: ZCreperMaster
Discord: ZCreeperMaster#0899

                    By: ZCreeperMaster

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