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Just wondering, how old do you have to be to play on The Oasis?

Besides what I just said, I also love that on The Oasis you can only buy things from players and not a computer run infinite store. It makes it that people actually have to play survival, instead of being rich and buying infinite of everything from a never empty server store. These are some of the reasons why The Oasis is my favorite survival server ever!!!

Sorry this got mixed up I still don’t know how to work this forum
We have players of a large spectrum of ages. I believe the youngest has been 5 or 6 all the way up to players in their 70's This is why we request people to keep chat clean. We do have several minors under the age of 10 that play daily.

Also, I I've been here way over a year and I still can't figure out the forums someday's so don't feel bad!!
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Is Geno the 70 year old?
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