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New Ban Appeal
My MC name: Bike1234 My Cousins Mc name: Seashellbabe
Date of ban:11/3/18 for mine, I don't know what it was for my cousins ban.
Who banned me: Furry, I don't know who banned my cousin
I don't take full responsibility for my ban but I do for my cousins because I believe that he got onto the creative server and went invisible to grief, I didn't tell him to stop though.
Why I should be unbanned: I do not want to be punished for my cousins wrongdoings, I honestly could not care less if his account got unbanned because he no longer plays minecraft. I'm sorry if my story feels as if it's untrue, If it possible can you try to pull any logs of when we were both on at the same time. Sorry for the bother I just want to get this resolved.

Your ban has been lifted. You may return to the Oasis.

Thank you,
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