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I got banned for Ban Evasion
MC name: bike1234
Who banned me:Furry
The reason:Ban Evasion
I do not take full responsibility.
I should be unbanned because the reason it was considered ban evasion was because my cousin and I share the same IP because we live together and he got banned a while ago. I don't care if he gets unbanned or not but I believe that I should, because I've played this server for a while and don't want my experience to be ruined for something stupid my cousin did.
As you are well aware you was banned for ban evasion. Furry asked me before doing it. I'm the one that said go ahead. Recently we have been having issues with players avoiding bans by using alt characters. So we have made an effort to crack down on this to keep trouble off Oasis. We try to sort these issues out the best we can but sometimes good people get caught in these shared issues. But there is common knowledge among staff that sometimes players uses excuses such as these for example it was my sister or brother using my accounts or share my ip that do these things to try to soften the blow a bit about being banned. Sadly not all these stories are true. I'm not saying your story is not true. But if I agree to unban you on this excuse alone then it will open the flood gates for many banned before you for similar issues. The best way to resolve this is to make a new ban appeal. With your character bike1234 and seashellbabe similar to this one. Stating in the ban appeal you are separate people. But make it all formal and correct so both of you appealed and both of you get unbanned. State in the seashellbabe's appeal you are appealing for them. That way there is a record of what happened. Who you are both are that way nothing like this happens again in the future. Thanks.
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....
The ban has been lifted...thank you for your corporation.

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