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iG17's Appeal
Your Minecraft name = iG17
Date of your ban = 10/28/2018
Who Banned you = Staff
What is the reason for your ban = Grief/Steal/Cheating/etc.
Do you take full responsibility for your ban = Part of it
Why should we unban you = Well i admit to have stolen items from the potions chests at /warp brew (wich was a event part)
But idk what i griefed or where i cheated. Further explainitory would help.
Firstly, I would like to say I am very disappointed in the way that you acted during the event. Your appeal is severely LACKING. I would also like to express my confusion on why you only take “partial” responsibility for your actions.
As a player, you are in full control of the choices that you make while playing on the server. You as well as Staff are well aware of what you have done-making this explanation a moot point.
Staff has accumulated several reports of things you have done while playing on the server. Honestly, to have several reports tells us Staff that you are one to keep an eye on.

-During the event you tried to break other people's boats in the boat race. You were also riding in JettoMaku’s boat which disqualifies you from the boat race because the rule is 1 person per boat.
-After the event, you went back to the Artmap area and continued to steal/grief the items from shulkers. You broke armor stands-taking the item frames, etc. and proceeded to TP home and dump all of the items into your chests.
-You ALSO saved/broke paintings from OTHER PLAYERS! The paintings broken can NEVER be retrieved as they are an item that can never be rolled back. This is something that REALLY angered me as those poor players won’t ever be able to get their paintings back.
-You also tried to be sneaky and set homes to several event builds. This tells Staff you have malicious intentions of returning to places you SHOULDN’T be & possibly raiding them.
Staff also has reports of you raiding/griefing other players’ bases on several different occasions (raiding a former Staff member-come on bro) as well as scamming/tricking another player. There is also other instances of you being rude in chat to other players.
These reports are ALL against server rules. You have been given several chances to show Staff that you can be a peaceful and pleasant player on The Oasis. You have failed miserably.

Your actions during the recent event have pushed Staff’s tolerance of you over the edge. This is not your first offense. You have shown us that you have no limits with what you have or are willing to do outside of server rules. Your appeal is meant to show us that you are genuinely sorry and are aware of what you’ve done. You HAVE showed me that you don't care to write an appeal nor do you really care about playing on The Oasis. I do not appreciate your sneakiness. This is a characteristic that I do not want players to have on my server.

After reviewing your appeal, your ban will remain PERMANENT.
I hope you become a better person.
Heart Pugg

[Image: 5532it.gif]
First of all i only saved 2 other peoples paintings from people i knew, the both went offline and its able to put them back onto a easl to save them for that otehr player saving it (temporarly saved) non Easles were harmed or borke by me, i didnt empty shulker after the even only got paints for while the event.
I didnt see a rule/sign saying only 1 person per boat and i dont think there was a broadcast or admin telling me. The only boat i hit was from Mailijz wich iw as in discord voicechat at the time, I dont care getting disqualiefied from that race.
Set a home at the arena due to there where being shulkers spawned and i tried to get shulker shells from them. Sethome at the brewing thing fdue to it was udnerground and had a lot of iron around it. I dont remeber or can think of any staff member or ex staff or player raided by me. More information on that could be helpfull.
Wich information is lacking btw? That would also be helpfully.

Im not a person felling anything, i can say im sorry wich i or no one else can say is correct or wrong. Not even a picture of my crying would provide or be a proof of me being sorry.
Im sure i can return the items from the event AND hit the 2 persons up that i got the paintings of, still know whos i saved. One being on the discord and one only being on the MC server.
I hope u and/or staff is still willing to see, not just bad things i do but also good things i did and maybe give me a second chance, i know im an asslhole, i know if i had a bad day im annoyed by anything and sometimes show it. But i still got some ground rules set for myself. I have never insulted anyone if not in a humors way discord/server. I just started to make more friends trough the event due to being in the discord voicechat. People i never talked to but quickly had a nice talk with.
I mean no harm towards teh server or players or staff. Im just here to play.

Yo boi, Thilo

I could even life with a month or year ban, as punishment. I know i deserver it for what i did. I can life with the punishment. But i really want to return someday back to oasis. I love the server and the community. And i know you guys take the rules sirious. And that a ban is diserver in this case, but like i said, at some point i want to return.
And, can i atleast get unbanned from teh Discord? So i can keep writing with friends i made on the sserver. Thats even more important to me then getting unbanned ingame.
Being banned from Oasis generally means being banned from Discord as well. Sorry about this but if you had behaved in a better manner this could have all been avoided. Your access to Discord will not be restored and if you continue to comment in players ban appeals like you did bike1234 appeal you will be banned from the Oasis forum for forum trolling. Thanks have a great day!
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....

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