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/iteminfo changes
I have discovered a problem with the /iteminfo plug in since the update.

I went through and changed all of my weapons and armor item signs after the update due to the item ID tags changing.  I was curious because things haven't been selling like they used to so this morning i started checking ID tags and they are all different again therefor the items in the chest no longer matches my sell signs.

My theory is that each new player that makes a sell sign for the same player created item generates a new unique tag, but that tag doesn't stay unique to that player, it changes all other players tags also.  So a newb that makes a sell chest for a god pick can essentially make every other shops picks unbuyable.  This is a real problem.

Is this just for weapons and armor? Thanks for reporting the issue, will look into it
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(10-24-2018, 07:26 PM)Genocore Wrote: Is this just for weapons and armor? Thanks for reporting the issue, will look into it

The best I can guess it would be any player item that is crafted by multiple players, so tools/weapons/armor.

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