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Creative and Survival World Inventory Bug
Greetings Players,

As some of you are aware. The server is currently experiencing the growing pains of the 1.13 update. We are currently having some issues beyond our control such as occasional lag spikes and mob spawning issues in some of the worlds such as the nether. Sadly our newest most irritating issue we have discovered is a inventory bug that can wipe 1.13 items from survival inventory if you log out in the creative world before a server restart. If you venture to the creative world please remove all items of value from your survival inventory and enderchest. This bug strikes when you least expect it. It targets some of the new 1.13 items such as tridents and conduit. If you are in the creative world either online or offline and the server restarts. It is extremely likely your 1.13 items in the survival world's inventory and enderchest will be erased without a trace. The best way to protect yourself from losses is to remove survival items and store them in a proper chest before going to creative. And be sure not to be in creative during restarts unless absolutely necessary. We are extremely sorry for players experiencing any of these problems but we have no control over these issues so please be patient. We can't fix all this stuff on our own. We simply have to wait for devs and plugin authors to patch problems like these with updated plugins and newer more refined server jars. If you have a problem please inform staff and we will try our best to help you. Thanks for playing guys and gals. Just hold in there and hopefully we will get these bugs ironed out soon!
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....

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