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Enjin is eating up Votes
I dont know how the way for votes to counters on Enjin and the games server is, but in case the three are hooked together you should know to check oasis side.

In this month it now happend the second time that a  vote dosent show on enjin.
Both happend around 00:15 for me (UTC+1). I used to vote 4 times every Lunchtime and the second topg before i go to bed.

It may not be a problem from updating to 1.13 because there was one vote not counted before the update also.
jbyers715 is a reliable voter also, hes always next to me, it seems to my like he missed some votes also...?

Im just asking because i had the plan to become the Top Voter for a full year. After october some other people might step into my shoes.

I know for a fact that I missed a couple votes so I can’t speak to if the site missed any. However I don’t think they are necessarily linked to the server itself because my votes were accepted while the server was down for the update. Either way, it’s game on, Foliant!
All voting websites should be working correctly. You're using the links that come up in /vote in game right?
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