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Simple griefing...or Harassment?
A server that's Rules state that Griefing is Not Allowed seems to have a great deal of greifing...or perhaps it's my village being targeted.  This latest round of griefing has me tending to lean toward the later:
- Folks Killed all my dogs and removed the signs on that building as well as the sign on the church across from it
- Folks took the tree farm signs, but not the trees
- Folks removed ALL the signs from the Village Welcome and Rules board
- Folks took all the crops from the beds infront of the village sign.  They not only took the pumpkins and watermelons, but broke the stalks as well.
- Folks broke windows in the house at the village Rule board while the door is not locked
- Folks took the enchanting table Veo had just replaced and J_NoobYT's floor this time.

I like this server, bu it is getting that I no longer want to log in so that I don't have to see what else has been done to my little village. 
[Image: NENJHfk.png]
[Image: Ef98M49.png]
[Image: a8bq9l1.png]
[Image: GArBTfE.png]
[Image: 93uOgus.png]
[Image: k4rcLt3.png]
[Image: 6Kfg0Aw.png]
Pugg fixed the damage. Sadly, the roll back did not bring back my dogs. I would like to ask, however that the person/persons who removed the signs from the Village welcome and Rules board be spoken to. Taking crops is one thing. Removing the signs from a build is another.
Highly unlikely you are being targeted by players. I seriously doubt they have you singled directly. My understanding of the situation is that it is usually random newbies find your builds from what I was told. Sadly despite our best efforts to keep the server grief free and have people follow the rules doesn't always happen. Not all new people read the rules upon joining the server and some people even read the rules and deliberately break them just to be trolls or to raid some fast loot. Staff generally don't catch these rule breakers till after the fact but by then the damage has been done. To prevent future damage I suggest you take steps to prevent issues from happening by claiming your stuff. Using the grief prevention claiming shovel (the gold shovel) they will be unable to do any damage to your property unless you trust them. This will eliminate any more destruction to your builds and animals. If you need help claiming you can check out warp protect for more details or ask staff for assistance and we will help you with it. As for the dogs that was killed next time I see you online I will try to fix the dog problem for you and any other issues that still needs staff attention or ask any staff member for assistance. Have a great day!
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....

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