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I should like to host a One Chunk Challenge
I should like to host a One Chunk building Challenge, where folks have one chunk ( 18x18 ) to build a submission.  I had a spot Due North of Spawn devoid of build scouted, but folks I talked to were not excited about it being a desert biome.  Thus, I looked elsewhere.  The spot I found is close to OLD builds that I do not think folks are using any longer, but wish to ask Staff IF it would be okay to host the such an event here.
[img][Image: iQC3dVr.png][/img]

I want to hold the event close to spawn so folks who cannot fly can reach the area somewhat easily as my rank does not allow me to make a Warp yet.  I also think the site would look nice to new players once the challenge has been finished.  Please let me know if this idea is approved.

I thank you in advance for your consideration of this request.
Faithfully yours,

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