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When will oasis update to 1.13?
When will The Oasis update to 1.13?

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Most servers can't update immediately when big updates come out because the server has a lot of plugins (basically mods) and they need to update first. 

Most of The Oasis plugins are ran by independent devs, the majority being free public plugins found on spigot with a few custom made plugins by private devs. So a lot of plugins take time to update if some even update at all.

If we were to update now, potential issues are: plugins would stop working, crash the server, lose player data such as warps, homes, balances, chests inventories, player inventories, ranks, permissions you get the point.

We want to the server to update just as much as you! Soon as it's possible, we'll let everyone know!
Usually a ETA is 1-3 months
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
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