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Oasis Rules
Oasis Server Rules

(1) Don't grief other players. Don't break what is not yours!
This means don't break anything that you have not built yourself or anything you don't own, even if something is abandoned. 
Everything like trees and mobs are fine as long as they are not near any nearby builds (100 blocks from another players build)
Nobody likes to have their builds broken or belongings taken, so don't do it.

(2) No xray texture packs/cheaty mods, hacks, cheats, dupes, exploits!
We take rule 2 very seriously. You will be found out sooner or later. We have logs and plugins that alerts us.
Cheating ruins the experience for everyone, such as flooding the market with xrayed diamonds, or duping in free items.

(3) No posting server IPs or excessive spam/caps over 1 line!
Another rule we take very seriously, you will be IP banned immediately if you post IPs to another server. Huge minigame servers are fine to post and talk about, like hypixel and mineplex.
It's not nice advertising other servers on a server that wants it's players to stick around.
Excessive spam/caps over 1 line will get you either a warning, mute or ban depending on if you continue to break the rules.
We don't allow Excessive spam/caps over 1 line so we can keep the chat clean and not spammed as it can become annoying.

(4) No player traps or player killing unless in minigames!
The only time this is acceptable is when in minigames.
This is non PvP server (Main world).

(5) No inappropriate builds in public! No swastikas!
We try to be a mature server, there is no need for inappropriate builds, most people don't find them funny, sorry.

(6) Use common sense and always respect others, be friendly!
No toxicity. Put simply be nice to others in game and always respect fellow players even if you are not getting along. 
If you do have issues with someone either /ignore name or send a /mail send name msg to staff if there is a bigger issue. Screenshots help.

(7) You can swear in chat but not at others! No sexual chat, racism or discussion of suicide!
This rule also follows under rule 6. Don't swear at players. Be respectful of others. However swearing is allowed as long as it's not directed at anyone.
Keep all sexual chat in private. While most players are mature on our server, there are kids that play and minecraft is not really the place for it in any case.  
Staff will not tolerate discussions about suicide, self harming, and so on. This includes public chat, PMs, Oasis Skype, Discord and forums. Staff will also not tolerate joking about these topics.

(8) Don't build within 100 blocks of another player without permission!
All builds breaking this rule will either be removed or moved. Make sure to look around you before starting a build.

(9) No scamming or tricking players!
Nobody like's to be scammed or tricked. Be fair and respectful.

(10) Keep the world clean and finish cutting your trees down!
A rule we don't take too seriously but none the less, trees hanging randomly in the air is ugly, we ask that you finish cutting down your trees.

Staff decisions and interpretations of the rules is always final. Put simply this means what staff says goes.
Most players follow these simple rules without problems. We have these rules so our server is friendly and fun, we hope you do too!
(Updated 12/11/18)
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

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