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Oasis Trailer
Hi, I think there should be a trailer of the server uploaded to YouTube so Minecraft players can find this server on YouTube and come and play. If this is going to be a thing, I think it would be awesome, you could have some voice clips of selected players of them saying what makes the server great with a picture of that player on the screen. Inbetween the voice clips you could have clips of some of the bases players have made and some useful /warp's "advertised". I think this would be an awesome thing to do as I spent ages looking for a survival server to play on ( then i found Oasis ) and this would make it easier to find an awesome server for newcomers. Thank you for reading!
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                    By: ZCreeperMaster
Thanks for the suggestions, some are good but i don't see Youtube as a good advertising platform unless you have a lot of subs. We do want one though but haven't got around to it. The bases are a good idea!
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