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For Hire - Any and All Jobs
Consider this a resume of sorts.

Got a job you don't want to do?
Need help building something?
Is there something pesky you need to be killed?
Huge chunks of land or unwanted buildings in the way?
Need a giant hole to be created or filled?

Hello! I can be the solution to your problems and then some. For a small fee, my services can be yours until the job is done. I'm a regular on the server and I try to be on as often as possible. But if I'm not, feel free to /mail me @Paradoxbrother on the server. I offer a wide variety of skills you can utilize at your disposal, just give me supplies and an incentive and I'll get to work faster than you can type in the chat reaction word!

My services:
Prices are determined by how big the project is; if it's building something please supply materials
  • Farming - $1-3 
  • Mob disposal - $2 for docile, $10 for hostile
  • Building - $10-50 (very large buildings are much more expensive)
  • Clearing out land - $5-25
  • Bodyguard - $2 per hour
  • Clear out water - $5-30 depending on quantity
  • Mining Buddy - $5
  • Land scout - $2 (For determining where future buildings could be)
  • Interior decorating - $1
  • Marriage Pastor - Free!
[Image: sins_by_karkamericat-dc8gwyd.png]
I hate myself so you don't have to.
lol bodyguard
Heart Pugg

[Image: 5532it.gif]
I'd like to try out clearing land
In Game Name: ZCreperMaster
Discord: ZCreeperMaster#0899
Second Discord Account: ZCreeperMaster#9428

                    By: ZCreeperMaster

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