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Poll: What would you like the next /warp Market to be like?
This poll is closed.
Build your own store on a plot! (Like /warp oldmarket2)
10 45.45%
Shop in a mall type building! (Like /warp oldmarket3)
7 31.82%
Surprise me!
1 4.55%
I don't care! Feed me tacos!
4 18.18%
Total 22 vote(s) 100%
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Next Market (Poll)
Angel Hey Yall! Angel

[Image: 2j298a1.png]

So... Staff want to hear what YOU guys would like for the next /warp Market!

We are taking a poll of some options but if you come up with a different idea, please feel free to post it below!

Shy Can't wait to hear from you guys/gals! Shy

Heart Heart Heart

As always, THANKS for playing on our awesome server!
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Heart Pugg

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Could have a market where it's split 70/30 with 70% being a mall-like structure with stalls like Market 3 and a more expensive 30% being like Market 2 where people can have complete control of their shop. A bit like the best of both worlds c;
A Mall type setup is best for fairness and availability of customers . Each shop should be relativity the same distance from the spawn point . I would like to see different size shops , price according of course . A set amount of space that allows a little more player creativity ( Store Front ) . The Goal that I would shoot for is equality for all shop owners but still allow individuality . A 2 floor setup would even work to lessen view distance , as long as spawn point and floors have many and easy to see thru access . Idea here is to be able to see as many shop fronts as possible from one central spawn location . The idea that i had was a 2 floor square or even a circle type of building with spawn in middle . Large open areas are nice for those players that are able to fly .

Nerf Rock
Paper is fine
Yours Truly Scissors .
I think an ice biome type market would be cool
In Game Name: ZCreperMaster
Discord: ZCreeperMaster#0899

                    By: ZCreeperMaster
I liked our older mall for ease of shopping and all things being equal. I liked the set price also as long as the shop is active, etc. I like the ability to be completely creative and individualizing the store. It would be nice if we have another mall that we can decorate the store front one or two block, at least 3-5 blocks down for some cool 3-d effects. I assume the 30 chest limit will still play in a factor for lag, I don't expect anyway around that. The individual store buildings that we would have free range to build the building and everything has a cool factor, it could also lesson the work of staff, so they don't have to design a whole new area, put that on the players. This one might not be as easy to create an equal area relative to a spawn point as the mall though. You can always raise the price for the center locations and lower the price as the plots move away. More freedom of creativity the better in either situation. I assume we would have to abandon all previous market plots for the new market?
Already been said what I would say, so in brief I think:

Mall (i.e. shopping centre in the UK)
Shops same size
Shops same distance (ish) from mall-spawn.
Shops as near as possible from mall-spawn (two levels would be great here but not sure this is possible)
Roof (so it doesn't rain in - rain adds to lag - but only for the shared areas, see below)
Ease of design for shopkeepers. This can be done by having no side or rear walls to units, and no roof, plus a floor two levels below the shared open mall space to allow for underfloor lighting.
The Poll is closed!! New Market will be a' Build your own' plot type!
Heart Pugg

[Image: 5532it.gif]
(04-16-2018, 02:03 PM)Pugg Wrote: The Poll is closed!! New Market will be a' Build your own' plot type!

When will it be up for people to make they're shops?
(04-23-2018, 02:41 PM)ChassyB Wrote:
(04-16-2018, 02:03 PM)Pugg Wrote: The Poll is closed!! New Market will be a' Build your own' plot type!

When will it be up for people to make they're shops?

Hopefully early next month
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(04-16-2018, 02:03 PM)Pugg Wrote: The Poll is closed!! New Market will be a' Build your own' plot type!

When you know what the dimensions of the individual plats will be, can you let us know so anyone who wants to pre-design in creative can Smile


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