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Operation: Noah's Ark (Community Teamwork)
[color=rgba(255, 255, 255, 0.7)]Attention  Ladies, Gentlemen and Weirdos of Oasis!
I Have a Project in mind, and I will need assistance from whoever can.


LOCATION: Island of Uganda   [ x:912    z:13263 ] [/warp Uganda]

GOAL:    Get all the animals for a Zoo

PURPOSE:   The Island of Uganda will be a Fun-Zone for all the players of the server .
                    So far, there is 1 Roller Coaster, 1 Shopping District, and 1 Giant Drift Racing Map.
                    One other entertainment attraction was the PVP Knockout Arena(boats),  but the
                    area is claimed, so players will fail knocking out another player.  Instead, I will transform
                    the giant circular arena to a Massive Aquarium with the new Aquatic Update. With this
                    in mind, why not just make a Zoo while I'm at it. In between the drift racing tracks, there
                    are spaces where we can house different animals for the Zoo. So far, we will need to
                   find Space for 11 land animals: Cow, Pig, Sheep, Horse, Wolf, Llama, Occelot(cat),
                   Mooshroom Cow, Chicken, Parrots & Rabbit. Disregarding Bats, because we cant use lead
                   on them. Polarbears will be in the middle with the Aquarium. Once the Aquatic Update
                   comes, we might need Staff's help depending if turtles can be used by leads.

DROP-OFF ZONE: to the right of /warp Vault
                                    there will be an area where you can safely drop the animals on (on the water)

So what do you guys say?

Who's in?
OMG i love this!!
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