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Afk Starvation Bug?
I recently just went AFK on the server for maybe 20 minutes or so to grab some food, and when I came back I had starved to death and lost all of my items, while sealed in a box for protection. I am not sure if this was intended at the time because I have previously AFK'd at mob grinders for hours or two on end, and occasionally even overnight, and remained fine when I returned to my PC. I ask this because I lost my max enchanted diamond gear and I am worried that this issue could occur to others, and if I could somehow get my items back (and if not that is fine) that would be nice too.
Thank you for the support, 
The server has been on hard difficulty for some time now. I believe you can starve to death. Sadly i won't be able to respawn your items in as it's part of survival. If i remember correctly afking in a minecart doesn't lose you food bars
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