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I'm Not New To The Server But...

Some of you guys already know me, I frequent the server. In fact, I'm already at Colonist rank and when I get my first paycheck over the summer I plan to buy VIP. I gotta make sure I'll stay dedicated, y'know? However, this is my first forum post and I want to make it special. Since I plan on staying for a long time (you're STUCK WITH ME!), I want to tell a little bit about myself. 

I'm an 18-year-old senior in high school about to graduate this May, I'm hoping to go off to college and major in sequential art (comics ). I absolutely love telling stories and creating characters to interact with each other and make an oh-so-delicious plot. My skin is even the character in my profile picture; he's one of my oldest and most developed characters named Sampson. I have plenty of other characters too like his younger brother Henry, a control freak named Lewis, an overworked and underpaid scientist named Simon, and plenty of others!

Over the summer I'm going to be a residential camp counsellor at my favourite summer camp, which is something I'm very much looking forward to. Then, in the fall, I'm going back to working as an actor for my local amusement park's Halloween festivities. I could give you so many hilarious stories about my work experience there, including the time I got punched in the throat.

Some of my favourite hobbies are gardening, cooking, biking, being a lazy fart, eating, volunteer work, and near complete social isolation. Unfortunately, in real life, I'm a huge introvert, and I'm not always as nice as what I am on the server. But you guys make coming back always worth it. But I do love art and anything that can be seen from an artistic standpoint like architecture, product design, logos, cooking, fashion, and cinema. It's an underappreciated profession in my book, but I won't get into a rant about that.

I try to come onto the server every day and vote every day even though I like the server as small as it is right now. I understand why increasing popularity is a good thing, it means that more people are likely to buy VIP and help support the server. I could gush about how wonderful everyone is on there, but I don't think I need to stroke anyone's ego too much. Thanks for keeping the server hospitable!
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Welcome Para! Glad that you enjoy playing on Oasis!
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Welcome Para!!! We love having you here and do hope you stay a long time Smile
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