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hi I have no idea of what I'm doing
uhh hello?? I was recently told about this server by a friend, it seems like fun! so uhh yeah, I'm VAOR-29, you can call me Valor! I like to draw 'n generally create stuff. I'm uh,, not very good at building, but I enjoy it and try my best ^^
so far I honestly haven't seen much of the server, but my friend has talked really well about it, so I'm pretty exited and eager to meet y'all!

stay awesome, and have a nice day!
Welcome Valor! Glad you came to hang out with us on Oasis. This is a semi vanilla survival server with a very laid back atmosphere. If you need help with anything my in game name is Firewater_. Feel free to ask any questions or need a helping hand with a problem do not hesitate to ask. Thanks again for playing on Oasis!
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....
Welcome VAOR! good to see that you joined the server based on your friends recommendation, hopefully you'll enjoy playing on oasis! Let us know if any issues
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

Want to help the server grow by voting? Link here
Top Voters win prizes! - Top 5 voters win in game prizes Link here
If you are new to the server, make sure to read the rules! Link Here
Help support and grow our server by giving the server a diamond on planet minecraft! Link here 
Find out why Man Utd suck by asking me in game! Link here
The Oasis Skype & Discord chats! Link here
Oasis: Ranks, Perks, Commands & Server Warps! Link here
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welcome to the server Valor! you were given a good recommendation this server is the best
Welcome to the server, Valor! I represent a town called Eden, and we accept anyone to live here! If you'd like to check it out, you can /warp Eden in-game. /m me if you want to move in, temporarily or permanently. Thanks!

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