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False banned by FW for X-raying.
Your Minecraft name = SurrealMealDeal
Date of your ban = March 22nd, 2018
Who Banned you = Firewater
What is the reason for your ban = X-raying
Do you take full responsibility for your ban = No
Why should we unban you = 

I told you guys I wouldn't x-ray and I haven't since I've been unbanned. You can check the tunnel that I was going through and see that it dates back probably like 500 blocks. I've been STRIP MINING. I didn't x-ray. I know that there's suspicion of me doing it because of my past actions, but I DIDN'T THIS TIME. The last two times I admitted to it because I actually did it, but I refuse to take the fall for something that I didn't do. This time I was legitimately strip mining and I came across diamonds. It's not even like I found a bunch of diamonds in a row either, I came to a set home that was my strip mine, mined some iron, kept going forward, and found diamonds; moments later, I was banned. I understand your guys' suspicion of me from the past but seriously? You can look in my strip mine and see that I've been going in a pretty much 100% straight line almost the entire time. I don't understand why it was so quick without even messaging me either. I'm sorry if this post seems like I'm being aggressive towards the mods, but I'm worried that I'm not going to be able to get back into the server when I was playing legitimately this time. I know it says I get no appeal, but how is that fair when this time I actually didn't do it, and I have proof. I hope Firewater reads this and reconsiders what he's done because I genuinely DID NOT X-ray this time.

I'm aware I pretty much have a 0.01% chance of this even being considered but thanks for reading.
I can back up FW in his findings. We have a number of tools available to us and i'm 100% positive that you were xraying. You might have been smarter about it this time but you were very obvious. Why you continued to cheat i'll never know.. You won't be unbanned. On your next server i suggest playing legit. Xraying takes the fun out of the game and can ruin servers with too much free loot.
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I would like to see this proof if you wouldn't mind.

Discord: SurrealMealDeal#3175 if you feel like it
My decision stands firm. There is luck and then there is cheating and your luck has ran out this time. Here is the proof you asked for that was the grounds for your banning. You can call it unfair. Challenge it all day long. But our proof says other wise.
[Image: 25rc8c5.jpg][Image: 2zehybk.jpg]

You even made yourself suspicious to other players.
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