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Your Minecraft name = LazuliMan
Date of your ban = 3/19/18
Who Banned you = Punky
What is the reason for your ban = X-ray
Do you take full responsibility for your ban = Yes
Why should we unban you = 

I don't know what else to say, yes I did do it the first time. I was rightfully assigned a warning. I learned my lesson and I did not do it a second time.  The story is that after I got this warning I was strip mining and I came across diamonds, I can prove this by showing the exact location.
Everyone is entitled to error. That is part of being human. But I know what I saw. You was going directly to diamond ores without guessing. The chances of this happening in game without cheats is beyond calculation. But due to fact that luck may be on your side an I could have made an error. You will be allowed one last chance on Oasis. Upon your return. Please read the rules, /rules and memorize them. Because this is your last and final chance. Because if it looks like xraying and acts like xraying it will be punished like xraying. Welcome back and enjoy your time on Oasis. You will be unbanned within the next 24hrs. Have a great day.
In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different -Coco Channel

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