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The special Snowflake has finally fallen
my name is Schneeflocke, which is the german term for Snowflake, which also explains the Thread title. Yes, I'm aware that this is a negative Phrase, regardless I like to use it, and think of myself as a special snowflake, even if I'm trying to not be as special in order to fit in.
I digress
My real name is Natascha Röhrbein for completeness sake, I'm 21 years in this world by now, but have been playing minecraft for about... I think a bit more than a month, but I know pretty much everything about nearly every block and every Mob because I read up on stuff and watched Gronkh on youtube for a while building stuff, like the nerd I am. Of course thats about 5+ years ago when I was a cringy teen. Now I'm a cringy tween. Big Grin 

I'm currently trying to get an apprenticeship which limits my freetime, and therefore my hobbies, a bit, but I like talking with my friends who, of course cuz why not, live overseas in 3 different countries, four on the american landmass and one on the island where the Lord of the rings was filmed.
Then I like to draw, I create a whole world, have several own characters, mostly undead, one living doll I use as sona, a vampire and several other ocs.
Besides that I like to read, listen to music (mostly black, death and whatever dark metal, relaxing music, ambient tracks and nostalgia stuff like nenas anywhere...) and try to learn japanese, interested in witchcraft (real witchcraft, not cringy fantasy witchcraft, in particular necromancy and herbology (I beg you, don't form an opinion on what you believe it is, but on what you know it is.) and trying to memorize all of my tarot cards (*whisper* I have 3 decks, who wants a free reading hit me right on).
I'm a teadrinker, and not a coffeedrinker, and yes, thats a difference where I live. I'm surprised myself.

Oh, I don't think you want to know that much. If thats the case I'm sorry you can freely skip this part.

Well, how did I get here? I honestly have no idea. I punched in multiplayer server minecraft cuz I wanted to join one, a bunch popped up, I liked yours and, well here I am rambling about.

I'm mainly a builder in Minecraft who utilizes the joy that brings creative mode. I recently copied, without commands or mcEdit Grians Japanese palace. I never had so much space to play with! I don't even know where to put stuff! I'm so proud of myself to be honest. The next huge thing I'm tackling right now is building a Lichs lair in an underground ravine I found under my house. ... aaaand replanting my burned down forest. Damn lightning.

Since this is my very first multiplayer I have absolutely no idea what to do, and I my take things on a bit wobbly. I want to have a good time and make some friends on this multiplayer server. I try my best.

I may be a bit insecure in the beginning. This means I apologize often and ask for permission quite often but I get more secure as time passes by.
If anything is wrong with my behaviour feel free to talk to me please. I sometimes have the problem where I fail to reflect my own behaviour. This does not mean, I have the licence to be a douche, this means, if I'm a douche, point out that I'm a douche that I can correct my behaviour. I already lost potential friends cuz I was a butt and don't want it to happen again.
Na dann mal: Willkommen!

Die Vorstellung ist ja fast so ausführlich als sollten wir Dich zur Pflege unserer Großmütter einstellen. Tongue
Kommt mir ein bisschen sehr negativ gegenüber Dir selbst vor, aber im Grunde kenn ich Dich ja nicht und kann das kaum richtig erfassen.

Ich denke in der Oase kann man sich gut einfinden, es war für mich der erste Server auf den ich verbunden habe und...ich bin immer noch hier.
Besondere Kontakte zu anderen Spielern hab ich nicht geknüpft, am meisten freu ich mich einfach beim umherwandern (zB per /rand ) auf andere Ideen und Bauwerke zu stoßen. Survival mit der Chance auf andere zu treffen eben.
Das unruhige Geblinke namens Chat ignorire ich die meiste Zeit - Fokus aufs überleben - Oft bin ich auch einfach nur AFK (hier wird man nicht gekickt).

Was bleibt mir jetzt noch? Achja, viel Spaß!
Welcome! i'd say it in German but my minor knowledge is embarrassing to say the least. I hope you have a great time here Smile
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I  Heart FW
Welcome to Oasis Schneeflocke! Hope you enjoy our server! if you need any help feel free to message me.
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

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Welcome!!! We're super glad to have you here and hope you love it as much as we do. Feel free to ask any of us for assistance.
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