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Poll: Would you like this to be a competition on the server?
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New Oasis Competition Idea
Hello, I have an idea for a competition there could be on the Oasis server. Staff can post a thred on the Oasis Events section on this website explaining this idea ( idea leter on in this text ) and people can reply to the post with there username if they want to enter. Here is the competitiong, staff look at the player's bases who signed up ( the player can choose what base they want to be entered ) and all the staff can vote from 1 - 10 on how good they think the base looks. At the end staff will see who got the highest points and whoever wins get a prize ( the prize is decided by staff ). I hope you like my idea all and hopefully it becomes a competition on the server  Smile Smile Smile Smile
In Game Name: ZCreperMaster
Discord: ZCreeperMaster#0899

                    By: ZCreeperMaster
It's a cool idea, will for sure keep it in mind if we host one at some point!
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Thanks a lot Genocore!
In Game Name: ZCreperMaster
Discord: ZCreeperMaster#0899

                    By: ZCreeperMaster

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