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buttons, pressure plates, levers, and access

I'm a bit confused by who and what can access buttons, levers, pressure plates, and how that relates to the "lock" command and whether they're on claimed land or not.

Levers and buttons seem to be inactive on claimed land to the general public. I thought wooden and stone pressure plates should be fine, but a visitor seemed to be having trouble yesterday. I assumed if I put a pressure plate next to a locked door, then people could get in!


(At the moment, my "estate" at warps Bookshop, Babylon, Mumm-Ra, and GardenCentre are all interconnected with underground tunnels and external doors locked with outside pressure plates to allow ingress. But I'm not sure people are getting about as well as I hoped.)

Players need added to doors if using pressure plates. I'm not sure how our buttons work as it's been a while but i believe anyone can press a button, they don't have locks. Unsure about levers. If you trust someone in a claim i assume they would be able to use them.
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