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Xbot's warehouse: free to use!
Building a beautifully designed structure to nicely organize your chests full of cobblestone and wood seems like a waste of time and boring.

Have you ever taken time to building a beautiful grand hall only to end up with cluttered chests everywhere because you don't have anywhere to put them? You don't want to simply dig a boring hole in the ground and place them there. You don't want to spend the next 4 hours designing an ever expanding/towering building to fit your storage needs. And you don't want to throw any of it away, because who knows when that single stick might come in handy? Well! Have I ever designed an oddly specific building for you, my single stick holder!

That's right! At /warp warehouse I've built a giant warehouse! Designed so that you're able to dump whatever you want haphazardly. I only ask a few things!

1)You must at least be a colonist!
2)Use whatever space you need, but not more than you'll actually use. In other words don't set down 20 empty chests, but never fill them up! If you got 20 full chests worth of stuff you need to dump, go for it.
3)Label your chests with your name!
4)Use double chests only! Redstone chests and regular chests can be placed next to each other, so there is no reason for any single chests to exist in the warehouse . The warehouse is designed to be able to fit an even number of chests along the walls.

If you agree to this, just contact me for the password to the door! If I find chests placed by unapproved players I will report them to staff, and ask for their chests to be removed!(If that is allowed?)

Once this floor is mostly full, I will expand upwards to the make another floor. The sky is the literal limit. Just msg me or mail me on the server, and we'll help you declutter your home together!


[Image: FdD8tkc.png]
[Image: KWqt5nA.png]
[Image: 36zCobf.png]
[Image: pBmVfgm.png]
[Image: 1013cmG.png]
[Image: KPPu4Ne.png]
[Image: mXQrERS.png]

A note: The warehouse is designed so you can open all chests without jumping. If you jump to place a chest you will be unable to open that chest due to the stone directly above it.
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Reminds me of that bit in Raiders of the Lost Ark when they wheel the Ark into the massive shed at the end. Big Grin

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