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Griefer / Thiefer Ransacked the un protected parts of my base.
The thief seemed to be after villagers, pistons, hoppers, livestock, and sandstone. but was kind of inconsistent with what they stole. I know about the anti-griefing to claim blocks, because I have used it to claim other farms. I just have built faster than I could acquire claim-blocks.  I figured that since this was a laid back server with no griefing rules and no pvp there wasn't an urgency to protect my stuff. Could the Admins help me to rebuild? And possibly catch and ban the griefer?

[Image: VCiKwed.png]
This is the Villager Breeder in which there were very destructive when they took the villagers. Even though there are rails in the foreground they took a bunch of powered rails up that went up in the sky to my automated carrot farm (I have not checked this as they have removed my access) and over to my villager trading center.

[Image: fIZX6Yg.png]
Here they took all of my villagers from my iron farm. (They also took the hoppers, but left resources in the chest)

[Image: c80nfi5.png]
This is my mellon/pumpkin farm. basically they took all the pistons, and were kind of destructive when they did it.

[Image: SPecPwU.png]
Lastly This was my sugarcane farm. They took everything. (it was built of sandstone, but left the hopper and chest full of sugarcane.)
I believe everything is restored. If you have any other issues let me know. Thanks.
Thanks so much for restoring the buildings!

Any chance you can restore the villagers they captured (or slaughtered)? They killed all my livestock too but that is easy enough to replace. Finding and herding those villagers into the breeder and the iron farm took some considerable time and effort. I suppose I could pull a couple from my trading center but that means reworking that system because they are designed to check in but not check out.

If you can help me out with this it would save me considerable time.
I restored some of the villagers in the iron farm the day I rolled it back. Next time I'm in game and you are to. We will see about getting your livestock fixed. I really suggest you claim your base to prevent this stuff from happening in the future. If you need help claiming you can go to warp protect for details.

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