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AFK Fish Farm Problem
My AFK Fish Farm is not working. When I cast the rod into the water block, it triggers the tripwire above it which opens an iron trapdoor, which should cause me to tune a note block behind it instead of pulling the rod back until the rod catches something. Then the tripwire deactivates, the iron trapdoor goes back to where I am aiming, and I cast the rod again. however, after the iron trapdoor opens, the line of the rod disappears. No one on the server seems to be able to help me.
I don't AFK fish so not sure what the problem is. Maybe an out of date fishing farm or a plugin is blocking it from working correctly. Would try another type of fish farm or ask to view players working fishing farm.
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[Image: 878ce9d1994df8b5153636fc1ee40a934e058944...FyUZ4k.gif]
If it's the same design as mine, with tripwire and note block, I had a go, and I must admit it was being a bit grumpy too.
However, I put the repeater delay up a notch, and that got it. So maybe try that if you haven't.
It doesn't (as before) "fire" every time, and you might need a few casts before it works.

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