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Older guy on the server
Exclamation  Heya
Some of you have already seen me on the server for a few weeks  Big Grin , so this is for anyone that I don't get to see (other side of the world perhaps?)  
I found this server when I was looking around for servers that won't be resetting for a while.  I hate having my builds wiped after so much work, and left other servers when resets were done.  My first great server actually had 3 while I was there, but they gave restitution to the players that had heavy investments in the server.  
I do like to build nice homes/towns/castles, even though they may not be as epic as the builds of some peeps (damn, some peeps can build!). 
I usually like to help other players when I can, and that is actually how I left my latest old server.  The staff there had banned someone for being disrespectful to others, including the staff, and he asked me for help to get back.  I helped him by asking the staff, but he would have to use the unban donation.  He thought he wouldn't be treated fairly when he got back, and he thought it was a waste to just get banned again, so I suggested a server that I had been on before.  I let staff know he wouldn't be back, and why.  They began to harass me for helping him, and said it was advertising and disrespect to them.  I tried to tell them that I always help people when I can, but they kept harassing me, and finally banned me.  I know I wouldn't be treated fairly if I went back, so I started looking for new servers.
Ok... enough rant... about me now... I'm an older MC player, formerly a WoW player (I still play Hearthstone).  Likely, I'll play various games til I die (I'm 57, so a lot of years left).  I'm divorced and have a daughter, a grand-daughter and a grandson, and another grandkid on the way.  I had a Harley for years (had to sell it, but I hope for another), and I play the various type of billiards (in a pool league for Valley Rules 8-ball).
So far, I'm liking this server... see you online!
Welcome Witty! That's some story about your old server. Personally you should never trust a server that has unban as a donation.
Good to see that you're enjoying Oasis!
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
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  We're so happy you have you here!  You will find we have a mix of ages on the server.  Hope you enjoy your stay! Big Grin
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