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Swearing to someone
Today i saw maddieisugly Say "Bitch" To another Person and at Spawn there is a Rule that Says "No Swearing to Other Players" or Something like that and I wanna resolve the Problem with her.

This is true, we have a no swearing rule at other players. As it is impolite and hurtful to do so. Maddie has been dealt with on the situation. Also, it has been noticed there is a conflict between the two of you. Might I suggest /ignore as a option to break the conflict as it appears the two of you cannot resolve differences.
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When presenting these issues please include proper screenshots. Just you posting a sentence of I've seen someone do something is not enough for staff to go on. Basically it's your word against her's without proof. So in the future please provide screenshots if you see something against the rules you feel that needs to be reported. Thank you.

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