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Problematic Player
Sonic123105 has been harassing multiple players, me being one of them. He has told me to kill myself and has made myself and a few other players cry. I am going to admit, I am kind of an as*hole to him sometimes, but I have never ever told him to kill himself or done anything mean to him on purpose. I have reported this and sent screenshots to staff and all they have done is warm him, which is not working because he has gotten worse. He is like ten, (honestly he should not be cussing and saying sh*t like that in the first place, but he does,) but he shouldn’t be taking things to this extreme level like he does, and I think that if he were to say it to any other player he would be banned right now. Hopefully this will be resolved Smile
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I apologise for what he said. It's disgraceful and will never be tolerated on oasis. We have been keeping an eye on sonic since he said that to you. Ho got a strict warning about it at the time i believe and another warning from me when i heard about it. If he does it again he will be banned. It's probably best you both ignore each other however, as it's clear you both don't get along. If there are any further rule breaks we will deal with it when it happens.
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Thank you Geno Smile
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