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"Oops" at /warp goldpink
Embarrassingly, I managed to die at /warp goldpink and stuff got hoovered up into hoppers.
Now, I would ask pinkpig54_yt whose farm I think it is for my stuff back if they would be so kind, but I *cannot* get the /msg function to work! I just keep getting "player not found". Sad

While attempting to diagnose this problem, Takisxxx unwisely decided to try the same trick and also died. Luckily he fell on top of me while attempting to feather-falling down there to retrieve stuff, and most of his/her bits ended up in my inventory and I think managed to get most things of value back to them.

But I would appreciate any assistance/ideas in terms of getting the diamondables back. Big Grin
Did you get this sorted out?
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

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I did thanks! All resolved. Smile

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