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New house
I've moved. Smile

I went for a stylish green (and white) concrete with quartz look.

The main large room in the centre with a glass dome roof is big enough for four birch trees.

Looks very nice! I like the green!
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[Image: 878ce9d1994df8b5153636fc1ee40a934e058944...FyUZ4k.gif]
Wow man, looks sweet! Keep it up!
Couple of pics from my growing village...

Do you like my sign? Smile
My house has gradually grown to a bit of a village... got a bit out of hand! I've also recently for visitors amended some of the routes about town, so if you want to visit...

/warp babylon -- takes you to my main shop building. The central staircase here takes you down to a central "subway" about z=55 and access tunnels to most of the other buildings about z=50. Or you can just walk now at ground level.
/warp bookshop -- takes you to my bookshop directly.
/warp gardencentre -- ditto.
/warp Mumm-Ra -- takes you to the inside of the big red pyramid, other end of town. I've amended the redstone so you can now exit this easily onto Pyramid Way.
/warp Spa -- underground hub from where various routes head off to most of the other builds.

The theme for the build is "everything is different". Smile
Keep your eyes open for the Seven Wonders themed builds, and some redstone farms.
The best viewpoints are: top of Mumm-Ra's pyramid. The Pink Pylon. The Observation Deck. The Lighthouse. The Mausoleum (ladders just inside entrance).

That place is awesome!!!! love all the colors!
Heart Pugg

[Image: 5532it.gif]
Now I've an elytra, I've done a little building in the sky too. /warp pinkmongsky takes you to my "satellite" with a launch spot at y=256. The flying pink dome contains a castle and gardens. Smile

Bit glitchy, but fair view of the whole town from here:

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