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Hello all!

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The server has been experiencing some lag lately and staff have been working to figure out what's going on. We are testing some new plugins that should hopefully help us detect what is causing the lag.

There are two types of lag. Local lag and Server lag. Local lag is when only you experience lag because it is caused by your own computer (such as old graphics card/low RAM/poor processor). Server lag occurs when the TPS (ticks per second) of the server is lower than it should be (20 being good, 16 being okay, <12 bad!). When there is Server lag, everyone will experience it (delayed chat, delayed mining, delayed commands, glitchyness).


Chunks are sections of the world we play on, measured by 16 x 16 blocks.
You can view chunks by pressing shift+f3+g or f3+g /optifine depending on your computer.

Exclamation **Any mobs over 40 per chunk will despawn** Exclamation 
Usually named mobs don't despawn but if you go over 40 they will!

Tips on reducing lag:
-Limiting mobs per chunk
-Limiting redstone use in close areas
-Turn off redstone machines/farms when not in use
-Limiting slime pushers in farms
-Limiting use of hoppers/dispensers/item frames/banners/paintings/armor stands/and item drops floating on the ground

You are allowed to use these things but please do not go overboard!!


We love seeing our server grow & watching players build awesome bases!
But please keep these things in mind so we can all play together lag free and that the server can run smoothly!

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