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Kicked for "sending too many packets"
Starting last night when measures were taken to improve the servers TPS I've been getting kicked for sending too many packets a lot. Usually it happens when using Inventory Tweaks (most useful mod out there) to organize my inventory. When there are only a few people online this doesn't seem to happen. If this is just the way it is now, then I get it and I'll disable that feature. I thought I'd bring it up in case it's unintentional.

Also, and this IS a problem that need to be looked into, I was looking through /heads and got kicked (too many packets) switching pages, automatically buying me an Afghanistan head. I'm assuming that plugin uses packets to communicate similar to the Inventory Tweaks mod. It's a bit more dangerous though since it steals your $$ Tongue .

Thanks, let me know if this is still happening to you.
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It happened to me once today early on, but things have been smooth since then. I'll let you know if it starts happening again. Thanks!

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