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Biggest grief I've seen in Minecraft... please help?
So I took a short break from the server for like a week or so, if even that. Came back to the image below, my entire base is below that damn lava. Everything is covered, there's lava pooring down to y level 12 in my branchmine even. All the farms are below lava, my cows are dead, my villagers are dead, and I can't even get into my base atm. I think my automatic sugarcanefarm is completely destroyed aswell. I don't even know how this happened as I'm pretty sure I claimed atleast an area around my main building, which is somewhere in the center of this pile of lava and water. Below is a screenshot with f3 up so you can see the coords.

[Image: VrpTiMM.png]
This is sorted now, huge thanks to punky and... JW? I honestly can't remember the name, nothing personal Tongue In any case the help is greatly appreciated!
That's what we're here for. Glad we were able to help and get it all cleaned up!... side note: Phew! I'm glad it's fixed.
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