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Share your ideas & opinions on oasis economy!
Oasis Economy Opinions & Ideas!
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The purpose of this thread is to gather opinions and ideas on our economy, but first let's start with a quick background on why our economy is the way it is

Many of the staff on oasis came from a server that had an economy pretty much just like ours. When we made oasis we had a number of options on what way to go with the server economy. The best idea at the time was to have an admin shop to fix prices of items. For example, we would have a sign that buys diamonds from players so in turn players would rarely sell diamonds below that price to other players in their own shops and in theory most other items would adjust to reasonable pricing standards on their own. We are not a fan of that idea for numerous reasons, one being that we preferred players to have freedom in dictating their own prices and for me personally i'm not a fan of admin shops/spawning in money as it takes away a lot of the challenge in minecraft when you can just grind for a while and then be able to afford buying any items that you want to, such as items that are meant to take a while to obtain like wither skulls, beacons, shulker boxes, elytras and so on.

Staff have always been content with the economy but we have also always been open to changing if better ideas came along and the majority of oasis players were in agreement. Our economy is by no means perfect and has it's own issues but it does the job for the most part and can be fun to take part in whether you run your own shop or just buying items when you need them.

Recently we had a few new ideas and would like to hear your thoughts on them and your own ideas if you have any

Idea 1:
We ban all shops outside of oasis /warp market. This should increase demand of items as there are less people that sell them and in turn players will increase their prices as the shops in the market will find it hard to keep their stock. Most shops in the market in theory should see better custom and the market would be more important. If we went with this idea we would most likely build an entire new market and increase it's size a little more and be stricter on the rules.

Idea 2:
We ban shops all together and stick with just the auction plugin. This should have the same effects as idea 1 but we would see quicker results and demand/prices of items would change drastically. 
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I think that Idea one would be an excellent idea. Using the auction plugin for all the items sold wouldn't work as well for me. Sometimes players require a certain material, and if there is not a player on the server with that material, they will have to wait awhile to get it. However, certain items could be banned from the markets, making them more valuable when players that have them are online. Items that could be banned could be High dollar rare items, like beacons, skulls, and other rare things. Materials that cannot be farmed could also be auctioned off for a higher amount, making players acquire them on their own or saving up for an auction (Slime balls, ghast tears, different stained materials).
I've pitched this idea to peeps before so this is old news to some. But to those who haven't heard it. This is relating to central market idea. Instead of the jumbled mess of countless stores world wide, hundreds of warps, and random unorganized shops in the market. What if a new market was created like in option #1. But in this new market have it setup for departments. For example lumber department, redstone department, diamonds department, etc. People would no longer be renting entire market plots like before. They would only rent chests space in certain departments for the month. Limit 1 buy and 1 sell chest per person for each department. This new layout would help make the new market more user friendly so players would not have to search all over the world of Oasis to find something. This would give it the feel of a server shop. Having everything in a nice neat organized manner easy to find everything in one location at one warp by its category while still being shops ran by players for players.
I dont like both ideas.

#1 It would destroy individuality. I like different shop designs, also i like the challenge to find a good price in a nice shop.

#2 Only /auc will spam the Chat and if noone is online who owns a specific item you cant buy it. Is it wise to ask for every item and amont you would like to buy?

I also dont want an Admin-Shop for e.g. Diamonds.
But some people would like to life in allready Mob-Free areas and are asking for Spawn-Eggs.
So why not selling Sheep, Cow, Rabbit, Pig and some hostile mob egg for maybe $200 or more to get the virtual money back into void like the $1 Fee from /auc
Rare Mobs like Llama and Horses should not be on sale or very, very expensive.

That would help by decreasing the available Money around the server...
I think banning shops outside /warp market or somewhere similar is definitely a good idea. It's difficult to know how much effect this will have on the economy, because as far as I know there are no statistics on where people buy from the most. I say we should try limiting shops to /warp market, and if that doesn't do enough to raise the prices, go back to the drawing board and try something else.

On removing shops altogether and sticking with just /auc - I suspect this will slow down the economy a lot - fewer transactions will likely be made because there is no way to get items on demand; you have to wait until someone is offering to sell what you want AND win the bid. I see this being a particular problem for players who play at low-activity times. All in all, I think removing shops completely is not a good idea.

Regarding server shops selling mob eggs: I think it's not a terrible idea, but I don't see it being a permanent solution. You'll buy your two sheep or whatever, breed them, and have as many sheep as you want. It'll drain money, but I don't think it will consistently enough to be a viable single alternative. Coupled with shop limitations or something else, it could help delete money, but I doubt it'll do enough to be the solution by itself.

The single market idea, where people have a single chest in a category, and everything is centralized, I think IS a good idea. The idea of having everything centralized, under one roof, is an appealing concept.

Final Verdict: Ban non-/warp market shops and revamp /warp market the way Firewater suggested. Possibly add a server-owned mob egg area if needed.
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Once again we revisit the idea that somehow our economy is broken.

Part of what makes this server fun for me personally is having the freedom to have the kind of shop I want and sell any and everything I want. It's all I play for really.

If either of these methods are enacted I am sad to say it would be the end of me on Oasis. I enjoy the people and this server but I also enjoy being a shop owner and keeping a fully stocked shop with reasonable prices. Others have come and gone and tried to compete by underselling me. It never works because they do not stay stocked.

I am more of a fan of just making fixed prices on things. Then it is up to the players to stay stocked. If you don't stay stocked, you don't get business. It's really that simple.

Most of the people that complain about pricing play for a month are two then are gone. Are we really going to change the way this entire server works for a bunch of complainers that wont be here in a month anyway? Or should we consider the work many of us have done in creating shops other players enjoy coming to and can rely on.

My thoughts,

The Green Communist Gnome Kingdom stands behind the idea of making everything ever free.

Or sell all unobtainable things (Spawn eggs, monster spawners) and possibly non-renewable things for ridiculously high prices. Let the rest of the economy be. Let it crash, inflate the currency!
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In short, you can't remove the economy. Without the capitalism plug-in, people would just resort to a barter system. It would be more tedious, but people are not always generous and someone always needs something or has something to trade.

No economy system would be flawless. Personally, I would have started out at the market, but all of the plots were full. Because of that, I was pushed to design and stock my own larger and self-contained shop that I spent a lot of thought and time on. The economy as is it isn't great, but it allows for creativity and that's really what Minecraft is about. 

Both of the options given by Genocore here are flawed in different ways. Idea 1 would limit the number of shops upfront. Right now, anyone can make a shop. Of course, the current system does lead to its own kind of mess with warps all over the place, but restricting shops only to the market would mean only some people can have shops. To combat that, you could just make the new market huge. But the current market is already has a lot of shops that probably don't see a lot of traffic and every plot is still full, preventing aspiring shop owners from having a place there. Idea 2 is awful. To echo what other people (Wildwest100, Silently_Judging, and Foliant) have said in this thread so far, it would severely limit the economy and would be completely unfeasible. Auctioning should be (and mostly is) reserved for things that you can't sell in a shop--a specifically enchanted sword or fishing rod or excessive amounts of eggs.

What I see as most important is that people are able to build beautiful and innovative shops and try their hand at improving their building skills. Even with the mess of the economy right now with people asking in the chat who sells this that or the other thing, people get to advertise themselves and share their unique builds and people get to see each other's builds. If anything about the economy were to change, I would support Slewdragon's idea to set server-wide prices. Though this has it's own drawback of removing competition, it does fix a couple problems with the current economy while allowing people to have and build their own unique shops.
How do you measure the efficiency of an economy, is there really a way to rate the servers economy, the standards for rating an economy in the real world are based on factors that don't apply to minecraft such as poverty levels, unemployment, public service goals such as educational and healthcare spending. With all that said is it even possible for a minecraft servers economy to be broken? In my opinion it is not, however it is possible for a servers economy to stagnate, if there is no way to regain funds once they are spent, in that i can see a possibility of a stagnate aka "frozen" economy.

In my opinion this is not the case on The Oasis Mc server, as in chat I can definitely see the auction plugin ( I think that is what it is called)  being used constantly, plus funds are constantly added with all the votes, so "In Game currency" is constantly moving, as it should, this does not even take into account the other resources available from server competitions and the Server Donation Shop.

If we are to instead rate the server in comparison to other servers I have been on, affordability of commodities such as iron stone and diamonds would be a factor of the rating, currently on The Oasis MC server, if you were to die and lose all your neat diamond stuff even the most broke player can vote and re acquire the base materials needed to keep Building, Mining, Chopping, Fishing, & farming.

If i were to make any suggestions i would suggest the following

specifically shop owners set up as many buy & sell shops as you possibly can, this will allow other players more ways to earn money, and for you it helps keep your chest shop stocked and allows you to offer close to your sell price for items you desire to have more of, if you are worried about going broke try adding items to the chest that are not what the chest sells to limit you from losing that $25 you just earned from voting.

If you don't have a chest shop make one even without a warp friends who build close to you can use it, once you have enough to buy a warp get one, if you see people in chat trying to find something you stock be helpful and tell them you have it at warp "BunnyGutsHaggisShop™" (replace with your warp name) include what your price is if you can remember. and by all means advertise (this does not mean spamming chat)

Server Owners:
I was wondering if you have the plugin that allows you to punch warp signs to teleport to that warp, as that would be verry helpful in advertising.

Is it possible to use the random teleport plugin to teleport randomly to a specifically defined area (such as the market) so players are not always closest to the same market plots? this would allow for an expandable market area if this is possible I have more suggestions to allow for easy navigation of the market.

May I also suggest a $5 purchase option in the Server Donation Shop perhaps for 300 - 400 in game cash.

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