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Question on villages and plugins.
Do you know if any of our plugins effect the way villages are created? Or do any of them "reset" villages periodically?

I ask because I recently built an Iron Phoenix (insane iron farm) to see if I could do it. I triple checked every block and piece of redstone so I'm 99% sure I built it right, but it doesn't work properly. It's supposed to "assemble" 64 villages all overlapping by moving 4 villagers around and exposing doors at certain times. The whole process takes about 90 minutes to complete, at that point all 64 villages should be held until I leave the area. While it's running I'll get golems spawning at about the same rate as 1 normal iron farm (much too slow), and when it completes no golems spawn meaning the villages are being created but not held for long.

I'm thinking that something on our server must be resetting the villages since it creates the villages but they don't persist.. of course there's that 1% chance I just screwed up Tongue
Most iron farms don't work on the server aside from the normal iron cells. I have done a number of iron farms myself over the years, something messes with it. Likely our main plugin (spigot) or some other plugin.
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Ahhhh good to know. I figured it must have something to do with muliplayer optimization. Preventing a buildup of redundant information by resetting every so often. That actually might have something to do with the hoppers not gathering as well.

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