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Temporary worlds
Seeing how the survival world is depleted rapidly, even after expansions, could there be temporary alternative survival worlds used for structure raiding, etc. that is regenerated from a new seed every month or so. Inventories would be shared, but structures would obviously disappear after a reset.

The purpose is to provide access to structures and resources that are limited in nature without expanding the main survival map bounds.
A downside might be that some finite resources becoming more accessible changes the prices of those items.
Thought about this a while back but we didn't really have a need but with the updates it makes  sense now. Will discuss it with staff and let you know in a few. Thank you for the suggestion!
- Update. We have decided to expand the main world more often for now! Look out for the update threads.
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New aspect I thought of thus Necroing:
In addition to expanding the main world, add temporary worlds to which access can be purchased for in game balance. The expanded areas of the main world are hard to reach for anyone without fly and speedy movement, but a cheap entrance fee for temporary worlds would also provide another way to remove in game currency from the server and provide access to structures and resources in return.
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