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Oasis Warps

 Big Grin Hello Everyone! Big Grin

Exclamation Staff have checked ALL Oasis /warps Exclamation
We removed some (inactive player) warps to help prevent Grief and free up warp names!.
If your warp was removed, please contact Staff via Forums,
in game /mail send (name) msg, or Skype! 

-To view list of warps, you must be rank [Habitant] or higher - Type /warps
-To set a warp, you must be rank [Settler] or higher. Type /setwarp (name)
-Setting a warp costs $85
-Moving and renaming a warp costs $45
-Warps can only be removed by Staff

Blush Need a warp removed? Let us know! Blush
In Forum, in game /mail send (name) msg, or Skype!

Heart Pugg

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