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Warp Market UPDATE!! 06/09/17
Big Grin 
Angel Plots are now available at /warp market!!! Angel
There are 6 open plots!
Next market update at the end of September!
Plot 3
Plot 8
Plot 11
Plot 14
Plot 27
Plot 28
To BUY a market plot, type /warp market. Go downstairs and check the wall for available plots. Right click the plot sign you would like to purchase!

All current plots have been checked. If you have not received a mail from Staff, your plot is not breaking any rules.
Exclamation Please remember to read all market rules! Exclamation
If you break any market rules, your plot at market will be removed without refunds!

Heart Any questions?! Huh Contact Staff in game, /mail send (name) msg, or Skype! Heart
Heart Pugg

[Image: 5532it.gif]
Yes hello I would like to buy plot 17 please. I already have the 50$.[Image: smile.png]
6 Plots open!
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

Want to help the server grow by voting? Link here
Top Voters win prizes! - Top 5 voters win in game prizes Link here
If you are new to the server, make sure to read the rules! Link Here
Help support and grow our server by giving the server a diamond on planet minecraft! Link here 
Find out why Man Utd suck by asking me in game! Link here
The Oasis Skype & Discord chats! Link here
Oasis: Ranks, Perks, Commands & Server Warps! Link here
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