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post about a player excessively swearing
Hello I am a staff member on a server with a similar name to yours, and there appears to have been a mix up with a player and they appeared to have signed up on our forums by mistake. Anyway they posted in our "report a rule breaker" section about a player named Apathaya. They claimed that this player has been exessively swearing when they are on and that it goes agaist your rules. So i thought that i would make a post about it here so your staff can be aware of this player.

original post>

thanks and if there is any issue feel free to pm
Thanks for letting us know about the mistake, our server names are pretty similar.
Our rules are pretty relaxed, most likely one of us warned the player.
Thank you!
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thank you, was on the server at the time, you were right, it was a mix up of servers!

to the person who posted on their forum, i told apathaya to stop and he did. if he continued, then I would have taken more steps to deal with it, but thats all that was needed at the time

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