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Worlds Expansion!
Oasis World Expansion 

All worlds will be expanding this Sunday at 9pm GMT
You can view the countdown timer here >

Worlds have just expanded as of 24/09/17 22:00 GMT. No more expansions planned for another month or two.

Find new loot and new mobs!
Fly will be disabled in the end for up to 5 days when expanded, this is to allow players with no fly perms to have a fair chance at getting loot.

The end will expand by 1500
(Currently 9000x9000)

Nether will expand by 2000
(Currently 11000x11000)

Main world will expand by 1500
(Currently 20000x20000)

Creative world will expand by 2000
(Currently 5000x5000)
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

Want to help the server grow by voting? Link here
Top Voters win prizes! - Top 5 voters win in game prizes Link here
If you are new to the server, make sure to read the rules! Link Here
Help support and grow our server by giving the server a diamond on planet minecraft! Link here 
Find out why Man Utd suck by asking me in game! Link here
The Oasis Skype & Discord chats! Link here
Oasis: Ranks, Perks, Commands & Server Warps! Link here
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