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MrMeem grief, insults.
The player MrMeem griefed the player Stephcake2013, but she repaired it and neglected to notify staff. What's relevant to this post is that when I started asking about it, and trying to figure out how her parrot could've died while she wasn't at her base, I was repeatedly insulted, and my actions were ridiculed. Initially I didn't plan on making a report, but he kept on going and I decided it would be best for the server.

Here's the evidence:

In the last screenshot, MrMeem is shown using an alt or friend to talk to me after  I told him I had ignored him.

There was a lot more said that I couldn't scroll up far enough to actually take a screenshot of.

Provided by F0RG0TTNWARRI0R:
Thank you, both players were banned!.
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