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Handwriting Challenge
So the aim of this game is to write down answers to some questions on a piece of paper then send a photo of your answers so everyone gets to see your beautiful (or messy handwriting) [Shoutout to Geno for the idea]

1) What is your minecraft name?
2) What did you have for dinner today?
3) What is your favourite animal?
4) What is the nearest city to where you live?
5) What is your real name?
6) Favourite song right now? 
7) The last think you've drank?
8) Favourite quote?
9) Still in education?
10) Favourite TV Series? 
11) What country do you live in?
12) Favourite game right now?
13) Favourite movie?
14) If you could be anyone who would it be?
15) Favourite sweets?

Here is mine Smile
[Image: 3679511468780442.gif]
Here ya go.
Heart Roses are red, creepers are green, skellies are evil, and zombies are mean.  Heart
Sorry about my horrible handwriting. <3
Here's mine (:
(01-17-2017, 10:17 PM)mchannahjane Wrote: Sorry about my horrible handwriting. <3

HP 3 and 6 were the Two best ones :o
[Image: 3679511468780442.gif]
(01-18-2017, 06:53 AM)Veo Wrote:
(01-17-2017, 10:17 PM)mchannahjane Wrote: Sorry about my horrible handwriting. <3

HP 3 and 6 were the Two best ones :o

I have no idea why I don't like them. Maybe the sixth because I didn't like who they cast younger Tom as. And for the third there wasn't a huge fight or anything. I haven't watched the movies in years, maybe if I rewatched them I would love them better.
Sometimes I'm surprised I can read my own handwriting.
[Image: sins_by_karkamericat-dc8gwyd.png]
I hate myself so you don't have to.
OMG I forgot about this!!!
Heart Pugg

[Image: 5532it.gif]
oh hey i finally got around to doing this
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my oc babs: [Image: 9c5nftedi7t2ved2_by_spiritlilyaj-dbxnd2x.gif] [Image: z56b8mjtvc3jm9j1_by_spiritlilyaj-dbxnd2p.gif]

Well, i understnad if no one can read my handwriting.

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