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Apply for /warp market
Oasis Market
New Market coming out soon! (Likely next month) More info will be added soon.

Market plots are open to players!

How to apply for a market plot
(1) Look for a free market plot at /warp market.
(2) Check if you have the money to buy the plot, you can do /bal
(3) Reply here for the market plot that you would like to buy. Post your in-game name and the plot number.
(4) Read and follow all the rules.

Any shops not following the rules will be removed without warning or refunds!
You are free to go inactive as long as you alert staff. To do this send any staff member /mail send name message in game or send us a mail on the forums.

(1) Inactive shops and shops that are low stock will be removed without warning. We usually check on shops at the start of every month.
(2) Shops are only allowed a max of 3 of each, item frames, banners, armor stands, pets and paintings.
(3) Shops must have a min of 10 chests.
(4) Shops are allowed a max of 30 chests per plot.
(5) Shops must have some kind of building structure.
(6) Once you own a plot, be sure to build immediately (within 3 days)

Free plots and current plot owners
Market checked on 03/03/17 - Next check up will be soon after the start of next month
#1 Emma
#2 Slewdragon
#3 LittleLava1
#4 PinkPig54
#5 ParalyzeMC
#6 ColbyM83
#7 Evergreenbread
#8 msofficial
#9 Lapri
#10 mchannahjane
#11 MrMysteriousGamer10
#12 AaronFalconClaw
#13 Kenzie_wolfie77
#14 throwing_rocks
#15 TheRisingUnited
#16 MoRe7
#17 GSblackeagle
#18 JingleBri
#19 YungPugg
#20 Myianart
#21 derpguru
#22 felicitystar343
#23 Monstergeek99
#24 sparklegirl24
#25 PinkSquirel
#26 Rosey8998
#27 TrippyKidzzz
#28 _Mermaids_
#29 theheatking
#30 Tratser
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

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[Image: 878ce9d1994df8b5153636fc1ee40a934e058944...FyUZ4k.gif]
dvaughan applying for plot 6 and I got the $
Plot 7
(I have the money)
I want Plot 8 PinkPig54 green

I want plot 8 green and i have the money
IGN: Silently_Judging
Plot: 4
Cattle die and kinsmen die, every man is mortal. Words of praise will never perish, nor a noble name.

             -The Havamal
IGN: ParalyzeMC
I'll take Purple plot 5
I will pay money
- ParalyzeMC 
IGN: Slewdragon
Plot 4
Have the money and would like to be considered as grandfathered in and having a plot since I applied for months without getting one of the old available ones.
I also asked a long time ago for a spot in the old market but never got one because of all the inactive players
- ParalyzeMC 
plot 9
I will have money on tuesday
My ign is JingleBri
I would like plot 18, it is yellow.
I do have $50
Tongue   LilBri

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