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Secret Santa 2016
Secret Santa

Happy Holiday! Get your holiday smile on! 
Our first Secret Santa 2016 it will host during up coming event for winter! 
To participate add your IGN below! (Example: AccioAce, not nickname or short names like Ace). You'll be randomly given someone to give a gift to, so get your smile on and get ready! I will accept entries to the event up until December 20th 12:00 am EST, at which point the thread will be locked! After thread is locked there will be no other way to include yourself into the event. Once thread is locked there will /warp SecretSanta once you warp there ask (Me, Veo, or Lava) to give you a randomize paper with players name you will be giving gift to. Once you receive that we will give you guys few days until December 25th 12:00 am EST to add gifts to chests with that person name in /warp SecretSanta room. Room will have chests fill with players name. Go find chests that has name the paper gave you and add items in there. (Don't be that one person who thinks giving dirt or any other poor gift to others If you do. I will track you down and you will add to naughty list and getting coals during Christmas event!) 

(Anyone who participates in SecretSanta that has questions feel free ask Me, Veo or Lava. Ask your question below so others can see the response. Don't hesitate to ask any of us) We will hope all of you come and participate! 

Happy Holiday!
I will sign up.

IGN: Knight710
I will as well.

IGN: Silently_Judging
Cattle die and kinsmen die, every man is mortal. Words of praise will never perish, nor a noble name.

             -The Havamal

IGN: EnchantedLily
Spirit/Lily/Lilii 13 | | ♐ | Lily enthusiast, birb lover, and Minecraft animal hoarder
"The bird who dares to fall is the bird who learns to fly." -Anonymous 
my oc babs: [Image: 9c5nftedi7t2ved2_by_spiritlilyaj-dbxnd2x.gif] [Image: z56b8mjtvc3jm9j1_by_spiritlilyaj-dbxnd2p.gif]


IGN - EvergreenBread

IGN: JingleBri

Happy holidays - remember the bells!
Tongue   LilBri
whoever gets bri give her a spider eye and name it jingle bells
I'm in.

IGN: ParalyzeMC
and btw no one give me a shitty spider eye -_-

Tongue   LilBri
(12-07-2016, 01:23 AM)bridget460 Wrote: and btw no one give me a shitty spider eye -_-


xD lol

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