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Oasis Reset!! Date and info
Oasis Reset

[Image: 2j298a1.png]
After two and a half years staff have decided that it's in the servers best interest to reset the server!
This will be great to news to some and bad news for others. It will be exciting to start over again in a new world but will also be sad to lose some of our history and builds. A reset is something that needs to happen and would've always happened at some point. We decided to reset to make oasis GREAT (fresh) again, to use some new ideas and make changes for the survival of the server.

What changes to expect:

World Reset. The world will be fully reset. That means builds and claims will be wiped and the server will have a brand new unexplored world! We won't be saving or bringing over your builds to the new world. However exceptions will be made at staffs discretion for huge builds. (Ex: builds from Daens town Korrvigarde). No loot will be brought over. Post here on this thread or in staff help on discord to see if your build meets the criteria to be brought over to the new world. (No loot is brought over)

World download. The current world will be moved onto and server on or around the 25th of January. You can then download your builds or view them. The world will be view-only meaning you'll no longer be able to build in that world.

Ranks. We're still undecided if we should change the rank names but all player votes will be reset, meaning you will lose the rank you are now and start again at a new player rank (Tourist). A new helper rank will be added. 

VIP Ranks. VIPs will continue to have their VIP ranks however some perks may change.

A new tutorial for players, especially for new players that join the server. New players who join the server would spawn into a tutorial build and can quickly learn what the server is about, our rules, commands and so on. Once they pass a very quick, simple quiz they'll spawn into the main world spawn.

Rule changes. Our rules need a bit of updating and will be reworded but nothing too dramatic.

Top Voter and Donation store changes. There will be a few changes to these, namely claim blocks added to the donation store but you'll still be able to earn claim blocks from voting. Top voter prizes may change.

Market. Player shops will be limited to the market only. You won't be able to create shops anywhere in the world other than in the player market area.

Admin shop. We may add an admin shop to the server with the intention of adding a price floor for certain items.

Date of Reset: 27th of January. The server will probably be offline for anywhere between a day up to 3-4 days.
Need help? Send me a mail either in game or through the forums.
For in game mail do /mail send Genocore your msg.

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[Image: 878ce9d1994df8b5153636fc1ee40a934e058944...FyUZ4k.gif]
Hello, I was wondering if Tiki's city meets the criteria to be brought over to the new world, thank you.
I'd like to get my redstone area in creative brought over or I'd like a copy of the world for making schematics later.

~ moepo_o
Quote:Date of Reset: 27th of January. The server will probably be offline for anywhere between a day up to 3-4 days.

This better be a early April Fools joke!  If there is a full world reset I'll definitely quit. I did not work my ass off on the server setting up a shop etc etc all for nothing - just to restart again.

A reset is NOT needed. The 2b2t server has not had a world reset in 10 years! It still has an average of 150+ players online at any point in time.

Please supply a world download at least, so I can enjoy the world in Single Player further. Still bloody ridiculous!
One major question that will likely tip weather I stay or leave for another server or just quit altogether:

Will market shops be limited to 30 chests as now? The player market model doesn't work, you guys have tried different versions over the two years I have been here and all fail. Forcing it to work is the solution? I don't think so. Players want to know they can buy things from other players that have things in stock at all times... No to solve this you will have an admin shop?

This just sounds too personal for my tastes. Feels like a bit slap in the face for being one of the largest server supporters with votes for over two years.
A limited market place or shop (with 30 chests max) simply doesn’t work. Hell, you can hardly make a shop with all possible Enchanted Books using only 30 chests. I also don’t want to go to a 101 shops to find everything I need. I want a one-stop-shop (of my choice) to buy everything, with the occasional bargain hunting. A “admin shop” is a total put-off for me. That detracts from all incentive I might have in creating a competitive shop. I really like to play and run my shop, have specials, bargain prices down etc. I worked my ass off to get my shop to a successful money making shop with a shop design I (and others) clearly like. That also takes up more space than the allotted 15x15 (or whatever dimensions the current market place limits too). I don’t want to simply loose ALL my months of hard work. Most of the stuff I built before I had VIP status - thus no flying and that equates to even harder work building.

On the flip side, I also really like to adventure in a world. Part of the appeal for me is a world that has some history - something I can explore. I really enjoy seeing old bases and exploring them in all their glory. Yes, even old griefed bases. A world reset will remove that appeal for me too. So a double slap in the face.
Not sure if these are big enough, but my builds like my fenced off area (idek what it is anymore), /warp Citrinc. /warp Citrinc.W /warp FoodCourt and /warp NinjaWarrior all took me pretty long (and were annoying) to build. If yas could tell me how many of these could be copied, that'd be great. I'll add dimensions if needed.
(01-07-2019, 06:33 PM) pid=\3477' Wrote:
Could it be put up to consideration to take at least 1 item with us at reset? please?
(01-10-2019, 02:35 PM)Slewdragon Wrote: "The player market model doesn't work, you guys have tried different versions over the two years I have been here and all fail."

I wholeheartedly agree with Slew. One of the things that makes Oasis unique and valuable is the versatility to do so many things, building shops was a MAJOR ONE. Almost everyone who has been on the server has a personal shop of some kind or ASPIRATIONS to create a shop. I remember what first hooked me onto the server was learning that I could make a shop, and then dreaming one up and being so excited about my first grand opening. It's just so fun. Throughout my time playing I've planned and built one shop or another, and so have many other players. Those shops made the server feel different and personalized. 

The market shops were ALWAYS disappointing. The market was hard to navigate, ever changing (the shop owners, not just the market builds) and had low stock. Having to design a build to fit in a mall-type build or small, constrained plot was limiting and not as fun. Slew hit the nail on the head. Consistently, player shops have never worked. They won't work. I've seen the kind of system you propose on other servers and it is WAY less fun. I like the free market style on this server and will also be incredibly disappointed if it leaves, and ESPECIALLY be tempted to leave if these changes push Slew out, your most loyal player. 

The only thing really going for any of us in this reset is the community. A reset should not mean that players are pushed out. Slew threatening to leave should be a wake-up call.

Make the market shops have a managed warp directory to individual player shops. I've been close to suggesting that myself. Maybe take a poll, what style of shop most players think would be most effective and capture the most new players? At first a reset seemed exciting to me, but I can't guarantee I'll stay either, or be as loyal or engaged if you change the fundamental way that markets work on the server.  Please don't change it - Kim
Ok, I read the announcement. Its solid and has logic.

But I think that you have to appreciate and reward somehow the work of older players with some other transfer to the new world. I dont know the technical stuff behind, and i apologize if I say something stupid, but what about claim-blocks or money or enderchest stuff or some other etiquette-rank? Its been so nice to play the last year here, with so many beautiful people, and I want to continue, but back to punching trees again?

Whatever you decide its respected. I wish to the community the best! And I will do my best to stay.
Now I have to cry, hugging my oasis screenshots. xD
Smile  Jar_Van  Smile

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