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Due to u  closed the last conversation at the Appeal of the discord ban i want to answere u here. (See screenshot below) U asked that i slap staff in the face with my Forum title. Two thing i want to say to that.
1. If Staff wouldnt remove the other custome title i hade 4-5 times before i wouldnt have choosen "Silenced by staff". If, and it doesnt matter to me wich staff it remove, left that title i would have choosend the Silenced by staff one in the first place, aswell at silenced by staff is what u actuallly did to my other titles.
2. If "Silenced by staff" is not allowed, why isnt it blocked. Just Blacklist the word Silenced in order to avoid that or dont remove custom, not offensive titles in the first place. The title is a way to express something, and im exressing what staff did so far, silence my custom title before without it being offensive.

And to the part of the "Bragging to palyers..." if u knew/or got told the context u would see why that sentence was in that discussion. And that isnt even a quote. I took screenshots of the whole discussion aswell as i send them to two other players on the server that i trust. If u want the full context just ask me, i will make a imgur gallery so the screenshots are in the right order. If u close this threat without a reply or after a reply of your, i know that ur not intrested in a discussion with me, and you would show to all that you are on of the staff that i mentioned in my Unban appeal 2 weeks ago. I record and screenshot everything that might be needed later. I dont join VC without recording nor do i hide screenshots, the only thing i do is edit screenshots if other person could get in trouble for my arguements. So go ahead and request to see the screenshots.

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Our discussion was complete is why i closed the thread. You asked for an appeal for discord and you wasn't even banned. I have been resetting you titles (Most Hated) on the forum because you appeared to have a toxic attitude towards staff since you have returned and we are the very people that let you return back to this server. I was hoping you would take the hint cool it. Just an fyi its not wise to be toxic towards those trying to show you kindness for a second chance. As for the proof below it is the imgur link for the proof of my statements I said previously. I feel there is nothing more to discuss personally but if you choose to you can msg my discord. Thanks have a great day.
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....
How is "most hated" a negative attidue against staff? Its mean for the players and not directed at the staff.
Just a site note, i didnt block you, but maybe u got allow dm's on the oasis server disable cuase colby was able to send me dm's with no problem. The problem with that is not on my site, i was looking forward for the dm discussion. And im still am if u are up to. Btw the "bragg" was ironic and you would know if u would know the context wich was before and after that part of the conversation. I can cut out minecraft screenshots that way aswell. cutting things out of context is would be fun. But i like thinks with context more and provide a full screenshot of my complete minecraft tab. If u want to see that context matters, i got an ex-staff saying "kys" to another player ingame without context and something completely other text/messages behind it with context. (Sorry Brøther). Have a good night. Wont be able to respond tomorrow but at thuesday my plan allow me to be there for around 6-10 hours. If u want to we can set us together in a voicechat and discuiss further, that being faster then typing for and backwards the hole time. Of course i will record, if u are allowing me to. If not i will take the right i got in germany to record and just mix up your voice in order to avoide copy rights.
Night Night
After considering the information put before us and discussing it with other staff we have decided you have worn out your welcome here. We tried to give you a second chance but these chronic attacks towards us and you playing this self righteous vendetta against staff trying to make yourself appear as the down trotted underdog is over. You continue to push the issue with staff after we gave you many chances to back out and call it done. Staff have proved our point and you have stated your point of view. But as of now you are banned for your previous problems that you was originally banned for and the current headaches/drama you are making now. No amount of screenshots, recordings or blowing up our forum will exonerate you from this permanent ban. I warned you earlier today that if this path continued discord bans would be the least of your worries. Now we are here. We wish you luck on the next server you join. Thanks for playing the Oasis!
Yes, seems legit....                                                                                                                                                                                                         It does indeed my jovial acquaintance....

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